Reduce your parts’ replacement costs by as much as 50-75%*

Our patented TTS Thermal Cycling process improves the performance and extends the usable lifetime of metals and other materials we treat up to 6 times those left untreated, depending on the product, material, and its use.

Other benefits:

Improved Tensile Strength

Reduced Vibration and Stress Better Heat Conduction Enhanced Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

Improved Tensile Strength

Reduced Vibration and Stress

Better Heat Conduction

Enhanced Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

How it works

We realign the granular structure of the treated materials, increasing their density and uniformity. This tightens spaces between the grains, making materials stronger, more resistant to wear, and better able to dissipate heat. These smaller spaces also reduce opportunities for rust and bacterial invasions.

Granular Alignment - Original

Change performance - not size or appearance

The TTS Thermal Cycling process isn’t an application. It’s a series of cooling cycles carefully computer-regulated for specific materials and products that optimizes their structure, resulting in realigned grains for maximum performance results. The process takes about 40 hours for most products.

Why Thermal Cycling is superior to standard cryogenics

Traditional cryogenics applied to metal and other materials can extend the life of treated products and enhance their performance. However, it’s only our proprietary TTS Thermal Cycling process that produces the best, most consistent results.

Predictable results due to tested, proven treatment cycles

No separation, delamination, or other destruction to materials and processes being treated, because we don’t artificially heat during our process


The results were fantastic…Prior to treatment, my punches didn’t last more than 6MM tablets…or in some cases even for one shift. My treated punches have lasted for over 80MM tablets or 13 times longer.

Supervisor, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

The rotary dies we sent out for resharpening would only run for 1 - 3MM cuts. I took our worst-case die and had it treated, then sharpened. We put it into testing and increased the die’s life 4 times.

Engineer, IT Company

We get 4 times more service from the treated knives between regrinds, and material lost during grinding is reduced by a factor of 2. Extending the life of our knives has reduced our expenditures on new, replacement knives by about 80%.

Plant Engineer, Plastics Manufacturer & Fabricator

Using test versus control methodology, we were able to measure an increase in life of our treated punches by more than 3 times, resulting in a savings of about 70% in annual expenses on regrinding tool replacement.

Engineer, Water Engineering Company

We were able to raise our per grind average of treated broaches by more than 400%.

Engineer, Defense Manufacturer