Agriculture & Mining

Get Return on Investment (ROI) of 200% to 300% or More

Not only is our process environmentally friendly, but you’ll also be saving some “green” in your operations by lowering your annual replacement costs of these parts and their servicing with our TTS Thermal Cycling process. We’ve treated most types of agricultural and mining equipment.

We guarantee significant savings on these types of parts*

  • Augers - Combines, Harvesters, Bins
  • Bearings - Sleeves, Balls, Bushings
  • Buckets - Wear Blades
  • Chainsaws - Chains, Blades, Bars
  • Cutters - Knives, Guides
  • Diggers - Teeth, Backhoe, Hydro Hoe
  • Draglines - Buckets, Teeth
  • Drills - Bits
  • Heavy Equipment - Blades, Buckets, Teeth
  • Loaders - Blades, Buckets, Teeth
  • Pumps - Pumps, Drive Shaft, Impellers, Liners
  • Trucks and Trailers - Brake Rotors, Brake Drums, etc.
  • Rollers - Chains, Sprockets
  • Saws - Blades
  • Stump Grinders - Teeth
  • Tillers - Tines, Trencher Teeth

*Partial list of items we’ve treated


Protect the environment and your bottom line

We use a “green” proprietary process to extend the life and improve the performance of materials we treat. Our computer-controlled application of liquid nitrogen, which has been “borrowed” from the air we breathe, returns it back into the air at the end of the process.

You will also be contributing to a cleaner environment by extending the lifetime of treated parts, thus reducing waste by using fewer parts and not requiring manufacturers to produce as many.

TTS Thermal Cycling is affordable and produces real cost savings

Regardless of whether you’re treating small or large items, we can show you how the process more than pays for itself and produces positive ROI (return on investment).


Reasons to believe

TTS Thermal Cycling enhances brake drum wear properties and increases strength

SEM, EDAX X-ray intensity maps, and metallographic examination of treated and untreated brake drums indicate that the TTS Thermal Cycling treatment enhanced precipitation reactions within the material and at the grain boundaries.  This will have a tendency to enhance material wear properties and increase strength by reducing residual stresses within the microstructure

Download the research here.

TTS Thermal Cycling increases tensile strength of alloys with carbides

High-speed steel cutting and drilling tools and other high-wear parts, which include carbide in their alloy, exhibit longer functional lives andhigher tensile strength as result of treating by TTS Thermal Cycling. In tests we increased tensile strength by 10% as result of the alignment of the granular structure that occurs in our proprietary process.

Download the research here.

We price our Thermal Cycling process by the pound or piece depending on quantity, size, shape, and density of items being treated.

Please contact us for more information and a quote.