Construction & Infrastructure

Save up to 25-75% in costs over untreated equipment parts

Our proprietary TTS Thermal Cycling process can help you save on some of your replacement parts’ and labor installation costs by making them wear better, last longer, and perform better. Ultimately this keeps your equipment up, running, and making money for you for more hours than equipment without treated parts.

The more expensive your equipment parts, the bigger your potential savings

Waste Management

• Brakes • Conveyor Chains • Hydraulic Pumps

Land Improvement and Development

• Drilling Equipment • Grader Blades • Front End Loader Blades

Roads and Bridges

• Cold Planer Teeth • Rebar • Tendon Wire • Buttress Plates • Nuts and Bolts

Water Management

• Pumps • Pipes

Equipment Rental

• Wood Chippers • Stump Grinder Teeth • Saw Blades • Metal or Carbide Wear Items

Concrete Industry

• Block Molds • Paver Molds • Mold Frames • Conveyor Chains

Bridge construction shoot in the back light

Public Services and Works

• Wood Chippers • Stump Grinders • Saw Blades • Metal or Carbide Wear Items

Building Industry

• Saws • Drills • Big Equipment Wear Parts


• Transmission Wire • Transformers • Other

Save money on the small stuff, too

Our TTS Thermal Cycling process can also save you money by extending the lifetime and performance of smaller equipment and even tools.

  • Band Saw Blades
  • Dies
  • Pneumatic Hammer Teeth
  • Carbide Cutting Tools
  • Hand Saws
  • Taps
  • Circular Saw Blades
  • Knives

TTS Thermal Cycling is affordable and produces real cost savings

Regardless of whether you’re treating small or large items, we can show you how the process more than pays for itself and produces positive ROI (return on investment).


Reasons to believe

TTS Thermal Cycling enhances brake drum wear properties and increases strength

 SEM, EDAX X-ray intensity maps, and metallographic examination of treated and untreated brake drums indicate that the TTS Thermal Cycling treatment enhanced precipitation reactions within the material and at the grain boundaries.  This will have a tendency to enhance material wear properties and increase strength by reducing residual stresses within the microstructure

Download the research here.

TTS Thermal Cycling improves corrosion resistance of bridge tendon materials

Although both treated and untreated bridge tendon material (cable) samples experienced some corrosion as result of a salt spray test, the treated sample exhibited less surface and crevice corrosion than the untreated one. And the corrosion on the treated tendon was thinner.

Download the research here.

TTS Thermal Cycling saves on operating costs for concrete block manufacturer

A Florida concrete block manufacturer is able to get an average of 67% more life from its molds treated with TTS Thermal Cycling over untreated ones - going from 80-85K cycles per mold to 145K or more.

For more information, please contact us here.

Subhead: Headline: TTS Thermal Cycling saves money for municipal trash service

A small Florida municipality has found significant savings in operating costs for their solid waste collection service as result of having high-wear parts treated with the TTS Thermal Cycling proprietary process.

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We price our Thermal Cycling process by the pound or piece depending on quantity, size, shape, and density of items being treated.

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