Save money and gain a competitive advantage

TTS Thermal Cycling can help manufacturers lower their operating costs and provide a competitive advantage.

Save on replacement parts and downtime on your manufacturing equipment

If your manufacturing process includes equipment with parts that are expensive and wear out quickly, our TTS Thermal Cycling process can help extend their functional lifetimes up to 6 times over those left untreated, depending on the product, material, and its use. Treated parts also experience less vibration, which makes them perform better.

This saves you money by lengthening your replacement cycles and reducing labor costs for removing and installing them. And if they are parts critical to your operation, you can also reduce your downtime by keeping your equipment running and making you money.

Gain a competitive advantage by selling parts you manufacture that last longer

Most business experts agree it’s much less costly to retain existing customers than to get new ones. Attracting a new customer can cost you an average of five to 25 times more. So if you have an easy competitive advantage with a premium product that also saves them money, it is helps you retain your customers by providing real financial benefits to their bottom line - and to yours.

Sell fewer parts at higher profit margins

The TTS Thermal Cycling process extends the functional lifetimes of treated metals and other materials up to six times longer than untreated ones. And it often also improves their performance. So not only can this advantage help you retain current customers, but you’re likely to attract new ones with this win-win approach.

Benefits of TTS Thermal Cycling treated parts

Last longer - reducing costs for replacement parts

Longer lifecycles - reducing labor costs for removal and installation

Less downtime - keeping your equipment online and making you money

Treated parts can last up to 6 times longer

Brake Drums, Rotors

3 - 6X

Carbide Tip Saw Blades

Up to 5X

Chains (Rock Pulverizing)

3 - 4X

High Performance Motorcycle Engines

Up to 4X

Knives (Paper- and Cardboard-Cutting)

Up to 5X

Pump Impellers

Up to 5X

TTS Thermal Cycling is affordable and produces real cost savings

Regardless of whether you’re treating small or large items, we can show you how the process more than pays for itself and produces positive ROI (return on investment).


We price our Thermal Cycling process by the pound or piece depending on quantity, size, shape, and density of items being treated.

Please contact us for more information and a quote.