Stronger with better performance and contaminant resistance

TTS Thermal Cycling has also been shown to have benefits for sporting equipment like golf clubs, firearms, hunting knives, and more

Testing proved longer drives with treated golf clubs

TTS Thermal Cycling began testing the value of treatment on metal golf clubs (heads, minus grips) more than 15 years ago. This was one of our greatest, early success stories.

Results show an increase of ten to fifteen yards with treatment. Our process realigns the granular structure, changing metallurgical characteristics of the club, which reduces vibration and loss of contact energy with the ball. You’ll hear the difference with a more solid sound when you strike the ball and experience less torque for longer, straighter shots that feel better, too.

Treated clubs are also stronger, more durable, and resist corrosion better than untreated ones.


 * In independent testing, identical name brand iron drivers were tested. The treated clubs showed an average gain of 13-1/2 yards and ball velocity increased more than 7 mph.

Get better performance from firearms

We can also treat personal, hunting, and military firearms with TTS Thermal Cycling, which makes the weapon perform better and the barrels easier to clean. Our process realigns the granular structure, which has several benefits.

Reduced material stress for better heat dissipation resulting in less barrel bending and warping with repetitive shots

Less vibration when firing (as the ammunition moves through the barrel) resulting in more accurate shots

Tighter grains for better resistance to corrosion, making barrels in particular easier to clean

We can process pistols, rifles, shotguns, automatic weapons, and larger weaponry barrels (made of treatable materials and welcome inquiries from law enforcement and military organizations for bulk processing and pricing.

Hunting without guns

If you’re a hunter who participates in the sport gun-free or also carries some other form of hand weaponry, we also treat knives and arrowheads with TTS Thermal Cycling to make them more corrosion-resistant and stronger.

We price our Thermal Cycling process by the pound or piece depending on quantity, size, shape, and density of items being treated.

Please contact us for more information and a quote.